So the much anticipated Rocky Horror-themed Glee episode ran on Tuesday and it was kind of a let down. It’s totally my fault though. I’ve only seen Rocky Horror once on Broadway (side note: Former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach played Riff Raff and he totally killed it. Despite the bloating and apparent alcohol issue, the man can still belt it out), so the songs and characters really didn’t resonate with me.

Which got me thinking – if Glee performed the enduring Broadway classic and legendary movie starring a young and dashing John Travolta and Olivia “Neutron Bomb” Newton-John musical Grease, I would just die of happiness.  Honestly, it’s a freakin’ no-brainer that bad-boy Puck would make the most awesome T-Birds lieutenant Kenickie (but with an updated mohawk instead of the bouffant) and wisecracking mean girl Santana is a total Rizzo.

So I then, I figured I’d just recast the whole lot. To preface my Glee/Grease fantasy casting, yes, I’ve relegated the usual leads Rachel and Finn to secondary (if not third or fourth) players, because one) Rachel (and Finn by association) are starting to annoy the crap out of me, 2) I tend to derive more enjoyment out of seeing the secondary cast shine in the spotlight and 3) Rachel is clearly Patty Simcox.   Continue reading


My Favorite Spot: The Dressing Room

I love the Dressing Room in the Lower East Side (or “BelDel” as realtors like to call the area). It’s seriously all of my favorite interests rolled into one: a bar, an indie co-op boutique and a realistically priced vintage shop.  Henry loves it, too because one) he can have a beer while I shop (see photo after the jump) and two) the reasonably priced vintage part speaks to his inner bargain hunter.  I’ve even had my last two birthday parties here because hey, we love to drink and we can shop until midnight, plus the super nice owners let me bring in cupcakes and food.

I hadn’t been in awhile, so Wonger and I dropped by the other day and noticed that the layout is a bit different. Continue reading

Profit Analysis: Hair Band Concert Tees

I love fashion, I love music and I can also be very lazy, so I love me some concert tees.  I live in those babies and I’m pretty sure that I’m wearing one in almost every other Facebook photo of me (see left).  My favorites that I wear at least once a week are the feathery soft and durable VHS or Beta, super comfy Band of Horses and a not-long-for-this-world Silversun Pickups.  Rest in peace disintegrated Presets and wine-stained Bat for Lashes (which, by the way, Quinn Fabray complimented me on when I went to a Glee cast signing last year, yeeeee!).

So imagine the fun I had when I decided to work on a “pop-culture analysis” of the vintage band t-shirts from Scout Vintage T-Shirts in Nolita. Here, we’re talking ridiculously overpriced t-shirts from classic bands, like Motley Crüe, Van Hagar, The Cars…it was a riot.  I managed to cobble together this pretty awesome line graph for Racked NY showing that the Crüe totally kicked Elvis Presley’s butt with a $188 t-shirt vs. the King’s paltry $98.  Even White Lion and Slaughter commanded $148 and $128 respectively (although I think Slaughter should have been worth more since they had at least two songs we remember – “Fly to the Angels” and “Up All Night” – versus White Lion’s only one and not as good song, “When the Children Cry”, and YES, I admit to knowing that.) And of course, those prices are off the charts ridiculous, which got me thinking.  I went to quite a few questionable hair band concerts back in the day, so what profit opportunities have I missed by neglecting to purchase a t-shirt?  My hair metal concert confessions, after the jump.

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Today’s Lesson: Proofreading is Important

This little typo blunder on the Heattech page of the Uniqlo website really illustrates that point. Spell check doesn’t catch most expletives and inappropriate slang, as however offensive, those still are real words. I learned this lesson the hard way at an old job when I emailed a client and accidentally asked her to “s**t six boxes” instead of “ship six boxes”. Yup, almost a decade later and I still cringe at the memory.

Check out Uniqlo’s  faux-pas on Racked NY.

The Perils of Studliness

I know that studded items have been around for at least a few seasons now, but I still find myself drawn to them. It’s such a fun and easy way to give a basic piece some edge, especially leather. So once in awhile, at least in my head anyway, I can pretend that I’m the lead singer of some hipster indie band or a biker chick or something along those lines.

I saw this skirt in TopShop in London and it was on the mannequin (in my size!) and, of course, the last one left. So obviously, I had to have it. Side note, you have no idea the levels of bureaucracy involved in removing a skirt from a mannequin at the Oxford Street TopShop—it took 45 minutes and a “creative” to come down from the heavens to remove the skirt from said mannequin and place it in my grubby little hands.  Anyway.

But then after wearing the skirt only twice, one of the stupid studs fell off!

My semi-genius—if I do say so myself—DIY fix, after the jump….

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My Magic Number

So if you ask anyone—especially a seasoned shopper—she (or he) will have a “magic number“—the one price that basically makes a purchase an absolute no-brainer.  People’s magic numbers (let’s call them MN for short) vary.  I’ve heard $200 from store owners, $50 from hardened sample sale veterans…well, I’m going to go a ten-spot lower and say that for $40 and under, you can get some pretty fan-freakin-tastic deals in this city. I’m not talking like Forever 21 or H&M deals, I’m talking like a $10 (yes, ten dollars) Alexander Wang sample sweater (more on that later).

It’s important to note, most of these deals are usually found in the sample bin (if even available), which gets raided pretty darn quickly.  So there is a caveat—you need to get there early and you have to be ready to wait. So hopefully you frequent sample sales as part of your greater career goal (check), you possess a fair amount of free time and an equal amount of disposable income or you frequently call in sick to work.  The no-longer-tax-exempt-under-$110 business throws a bit of a wrench in my plan, too. So, to clarify, I’m talking pre-tax $40 and under.

I’ve decided, that going forward when I review a sample sale for Racked NY, if there’s a notable MN item at a sale, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.  In the meantime, just to prove my point, please find details on my favorite MN purchases, after the jump.

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Where Did the Day Go?

Crap! I’ve had zero time to blog today. I had a grand plan and a story idea and everything, but I had to cover a Loeffler Randall spring preview (life’s tough, I know), the Elie Tahari sample sale (a little conservative for my taste, but I thought this bag, which is marked down to $249 from $902, was a good deal. And no, I didn’t buy it) and a waste of time French Connection sale at Clothingline. And of course, I had to go to the gym, too.

Now I’m heading out to the Elie Tahari boutique opening at Saks and I’m (not so) secretly excited, not so much because it’s fashion, but more because Lily Van Der Woodsen Humphrey (real name: Kelly Rutherford) will be there.  I realized that I’ve probably unintentionally watched every show that she’s ever been on. Like when I was a kid, I was addicted to the short-lived daytime soap Generations, which was quite groundbreaking at the time. In college, my friend Elaine aka Wonger (I’m sure I’ll mention her in future blogs) and I were completely obsessed with this vampire show, Kindred: the Embraced.  She played a nosy reporter who was in love with a vampire named…..JULIAN. Yes! That was his name. We liked him, too. But I digress.

Anyway, so I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something less rambling and more original to say.