The Perils of Studliness

I know that studded items have been around for at least a few seasons now, but I still find myself drawn to them. It’s such a fun and easy way to give a basic piece some edge, especially leather. So once in awhile, at least in my head anyway, I can pretend that I’m the lead singer of some hipster indie band or a biker chick or something along those lines.

I saw this skirt in TopShop in London and it was on the mannequin (in my size!) and, of course, the last one left. So obviously, I had to have it. Side note, you have no idea the levels of bureaucracy involved in removing a skirt from a mannequin at the Oxford Street TopShop—it took 45 minutes and a “creative” to come down from the heavens to remove the skirt from said mannequin and place it in my grubby little hands.  Anyway.

But then after wearing the skirt only twice, one of the stupid studs fell off!

My semi-genius—if I do say so myself—DIY fix, after the jump….

That little pesky piece is probably rolling around the gutters of the East End right now. Studs, especially fast fashion ones, are just destined to drop off.  Honestly though, studded items probably have a trend expiration date of about maybe next March, if I push it. So instead of taking the time to hunt down a matching stud, then paying a tailor who specializes in leather to rework the skirt, I decided to DIY with what I had at home.  If rusty, metallic-hued duct tape wasn’t made for this moment, it wasn’t made for any. I pondered fashioning a mundane matching circle or a cheeky ‘X’ marks the spot, but then decided that a heart-shaped piece of duct tape would be the cutest. Thing is that I actually found a semi-matching stud the other day and Pablo at Stanton could probably just cut a little hole in the leather for me. But alas, I’ve kind of grown fond of my DIY duct tape heart.


3 thoughts on “The Perils of Studliness

  1. Nice fix, Fawnia! Love the heart, cute touch! Speaking of studliness, I’m looking for a pair of studded ankle or mid-calf boots, flats preferably since the growing tummy is threatening my balance:). Not much of a selection down here…any suggestions? Thought I’d ask since you have such great taste!!!

    • Hi Kumji! I got these moto-boots at River Island in London, but then the shipping might be annoying. Asos has some cute ones like these. My friend just bought these Jeffrey Campbells and they’re super cute and tough-girl looking. These wedges are a nice variation on the Isabel Marant booties and look easy to walk in. is an awesome resource because it has a fantastic search engine. Just type in “studded booties” and voila! Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks Fawnia!!! You’re a wealth of knowledge…I’m coming to you from now on with any fashion questions:)! I was actually on the verge of buying the Jeffrey Campbell Brit boots but decided not to because the reviews said the black bleeds onto your skin/clothes and the flaps look a little sloppy. They’re so cute though, I may go ahead and get them. Thanks for the tips! Love your blog!

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