My Favorite Spot: The Dressing Room

I love the Dressing Room in the Lower East Side (or “BelDel” as realtors like to call the area). It’s seriously all of my favorite interests rolled into one: a bar, an indie co-op boutique and a realistically priced vintage shop.  Henry loves it, too because one) he can have a beer while I shop (see photo after the jump) and two) the reasonably priced vintage part speaks to his inner bargain hunter.  I’ve even had my last two birthday parties here because hey, we love to drink and we can shop until midnight, plus the super nice owners let me bring in cupcakes and food.

I hadn’t been in awhile, so Wonger and I dropped by the other day and noticed that the layout is a bit different.

Now they have a designer consignment section on the ground level and the items are still pretty affordable.  I saw a Marc Jacobs navy short sleeve blouse for $30-ish and even an Alexander Wang one sleeve slinky wine-hued dress for a around $130 (that was snapped up quickly of course).  When Henry and I went on Friday, I walked in and he was carrying around this authentic and in pristine condition Burberry pouch (complete with duster bag for $85).  Not really my style—as he correctly predicted—so I texted a pic to Wonger and she declined also, so, if you’re in the market for one, maybe it’s still there.

My favorite is still the downstairs vintage shop. I’ve found some fabulous pieces there, like a $24 puff-sleeve electric blue and fuschia disco mini-dress ($24 and okay, actually, my friend Rosa found it first and didn’t want it, so I quickly snatched up her discards instead), a velvet forest-green puff sleeve fitted blazer ($25) and a lovely white sundress ($17) that I get compliments on all the time.

Sometimes it’s hit or miss, but I swear every time I go there with Wonger she buys at least one item. But my reasoning is, if I come up empty handed, I can always console myself with a nice glass of Rioja at the bar.


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