Finally, A Reason to Visit the Corner Furniture Store

Spotted at the Raymour & Flannigan on Broadway and 66th Street

I usually don’t really pay much attention to the Raymour & Flanigan (or anything home décor related for that matter), but today this The Good Wife referencing sign caught my eye.  So, I’m trying to remember—do I like Alicia’s post-Peter Florrick scandal apartment? I honestly can’t recall because I’m usually too distracted by Chris Noth’s presence to notice any interior design detail on the show.

Will’s sleek digs (from the few scenes I’ve viewed) are definitely up to par with what you’d expect from one of Chicago’s Top Ten Eligible Bachelors and I would happily move myself into Diane’s sweet corner office.  Although, the Lockhart Gardner offices did suffer from slightly diminished flair after the whole fresh flowers budget crisis, but maybe Derrick Bond’s money brought the florals back.


My Magic Coat

(I figure I should write something about fashion or shopping since, to be honest, it looks a bit funny to see a pic of Richard Belzer atop the page amidst a sea of pastel blue and pink.  So here goes.)

This post will be about what Henry and I have dubbed “my magic coat.”  I spotted and immediately fell in love with this vintage intense royal blue velvet coat at the outdoor Brooklyn Flea two summers ago (before all this One Hanson Place business).  I hesitated on buying it since I was just laid off and didn’t really need a velvet coat in the middle of summer.  Unbeknownst to me and despite his initial reaction that the coat was “so blue”, Henry sneakily bought it for me and surprised me with it at lunch.

Now, that was seriously the best $65 he ever spent because everywhere I go, I get compliments on that coat.  The magic coat is also the reason that I was able to get a fantastic quote from Anika Noni Rose and two photos of Patricia Clarkson at the Housing Works Fashion for Action benefit.  While I was hovering around waiting for a free moment, both of the lovely ladies actually came up to me on their own to discuss said outerwear piece.  Basically, the lesson learned here is that everyone needs a statement coat and if you don’t have one, I’ve put together a handy collection of suggestions for you.

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Luther’s Supremely Awesome Munch Shout-Out

After my early Lanvin x H&M Saturday morning, I was hoping that the remainder of my weekend would be reserved for near-catatonic TV watching.  But alas, I was thwarted yet again by evil Time Warner as my 800th cable box imploded and took a week’s worth of quality TV programming with it. (And yes, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills counts).  The worst, even worse than the loss of the over-hyped-Gwyneth Glee (although watching that in streaming video REALLY sucked), was that episode five of Luther was gone-zo.

The DVR disaster forced Henry and me to watch said installment of Luther via excruciatingly choppy streaming YouTube video.  I love British detective mysteries and this series is definitely one of my favorites.  But what I loved, loved in this episode was the blink and you missed it shout-out to Detective John Munch, originally of Homicide (great, great show) and now shamefully underused in Law & Order: SVU (or I think he is because I stopped watching that show a couple years ago).  The Munch character has popped up on eight different shows spanning four networks including, The Wire which, of course, also starred Luther‘s Idris Elba as the riveting Stringer Bell.  So does that mean Luther creator Neil Cross is as big of a Wire obsessive as we are?

The Anti-Louboutin

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of samples sales and, for shoe fanatics, most notably last week’s Manolo Blahnik sale (which I admit does have really amazing deals and is worth the fuss for Manolo fans) and this week’s hysteria-inducing and ultra-elitist Christian Louboutin (I’m kinda over the red sole, to be honest).  But all I cared about was the blink and you probably missed it Tashkent by Cheyenne sample sale that took place last Saturday and Sunday.

I love me some Tashkent by Cheyenne footwear ever since I laid eyes on the Zidane cut-out ankle boot a couple years ago.  I stalked that bootie until it went on sale and I’m so glad I did.  I swear those babies just get more comfortable as time goes on and to this day, I still get compliments when I wear them.  So when I heard about this recent sale, I was all over it.  Manolo, who? Please meet my lovely new Bori booties.

Uniqlo Jeans Better Than Ever

Since we’re on the subject of jeans. Those J Brands below were the last premium denim that I’ve purchased because since 2008, it’s been all Uniqlo, all the time.  And why wouldn’t it be? Uniqlo churns out new cuts and styles every ten minutes, the jeans fit perfectly and they never cost more than $39.90 (plus tax, now, of course).  My only issue was that the darker washes tended to fade over time – like how my black jeans are now blue.  Also, after an unfortunate laundry incident that turned my white wife beaters a lighter shade of grey, I started performing the very opposite-of-green task of washing the darker jeans by themselves to protect the safety of my other garments.

But lo and behold! It’s like the Uniqlo powers that be heard my concerns and now have made the near perfect, non-fading jean.  Never has excellence been so budget friendly and I can save $2.00 when doing my laundry.

To Bell or Not to Bell

Not sure if you’ve heard but bell-bottoms are back. Apparently, they’ve been threatening to come back for a few years now (and never left for some), although girls – especially here in New York – are very attached to their skinny jeans.  I used to live in my bells and boot-cuts, namely during the early aughts (oh and the college years, let’s not forget about those), but then totally purged the closet of anything not completely cutting off ankle circulation.

But on Sunday, upon the realization that my two favorite Uniqlo skinnies were in desperate need of laundering, I decided to dust off a pair of J Brand Doll high-waisted bell bottoms to wear out to brunch.  Henry bought me those for my birthday during the last supposed coming of bell bottoms (circa early 2008) and before I realized that there is absolutely zero need to spend more than $39.90 on a pair of non-Uniqlo jeans.  I have to say, wearing the bells felt quite liberating, but I did feel a bit wistful every time I saw a pair of skinnies stroll by.  Conflicted, I decided to make a pros and cons list.

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Unbearably Fashionable

I’m deathly allergic to fur – like fur attached to living animals (dogs, cats, evil bunnies, etc.) and unattached.  By unattached, I’m talking fur coats (which, sorry PETA, is a huge bummer cuz I’d love to wear a fox or mink stole)  and even something as innocuous seeming as angora.  So ever since I was a kid, I have just loved stuffed animals. This window display at Pinky Otto (49 Prince at Mulberry) in Nolita totally made my day.