Nikita’s Killer Spy Wear

I spent my entire Sunday catching up on a DVR’s worth of Nikita and Hawaii Five-O and right now I am obsessed with Nikita’s bad-ass rogue spy-gear.  I love the grey and black palette of sleek and lean-fitting, yet unbinding looks that allow for running from Division, delivering beat-downs and throwing roundhouse kicks at a moment’s notice.  Of course having Maggie Q’s size 00 figure and mile-long legs probably help to carry off her close-fitting ensembles.  So in the last episode named “Recruit”, I sunk to levels of admiration that I didn’t even think were possible.  I’m kind of coveting her slouchy slashed-sleeve sweater and lace-trimmed biker shorts outfit.  I know, I know…biker shorts are an abomination that’s even worse than “tights are not pants”.  And these were lace-trimmed.  But they looked so hot on her and the slouchy cut of the soft grey sweater seemed to counteract the possible cheesiness of actually wearing lace-trimmed biker shorts.  Inspired, I decided to putz around some shopping sites to assemble a hopefully non-offensive Nikita-esque lace-trimmed biker shorts outfit that I think will work.

This Patterson J. Kincaid textured pullover knit ($128) has an edgy meets comfy cozy feel (top left).  Just make sure the sweater reaches a modest mid-thigh length.  And of course, the lace trimmed biker shorts ($4.90 from $14), which are shockingly from Kohl’s (top right).  These Rosegold zipper-edged peep toe wedge booties ($225) are a nice contrast to the lace trim.  Plus the chunkiness of the wedge heel gives a tough-girl as opposed to skank vibe (bottom right).  I would also suggest Hue sueded opaque tights ($12.50 or 2 for $20) layered under the shorts to elongate and stay monochromatic, plus it’s cold outside.


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