Outerwear Upgrade for Castle’s Kate Beckett

I just started watching Castle during the summer reruns and I’m absolutely addicted. I love these mismatched, yet totally complementary detective pairings that are bolstered by a comically endearing supporting cast (à la Bones, Moonlighting, etc). It goes without saying that Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) is the bomb and Susan Sullivan (Castle’s mom) has barely aged a day since Falcon Crest.  I’m also totally loving Stana Katic’s Kate Beckett, but I have a serious beef with her character and it’s totally not her fault.

Why does the wardrobe department do the stunningly gorgeous Beckett absolutely zero favors? Thank goodness they finally changed her hairstyle from that 90’s Friends flip that totally added like 10 years to her age.  The sleek and lighter ‘do is much more flattering and doesn’t make me feel like I’m watching reruns from two decades ago. However, I really need to discuss her wardrobe.

I realize that she’s a tough motorcycle riding cop who also needs to look professional and be taken seriously.  She’s usually running around town questioning suspects, chasing down bad guys, or saving Castle’s butt (and it gets cold in NYC), so we usually see her in some sort of jacket ensemble. But why is she always wearing some dated leather jacket that looks straight out of the mall circa 1996 or a frumpy wool coat with oversize buttons? Seriously, people, it is possible to give Beckett a flattering wardrobe without making her look unrealistically underdressed like the female law enforcement officers on, say, CSI Miami.  Since Beckett does tend to favor outerwear, let’s take baby steps and start there.

1) Here’s a sleek and tough combo of two of Kate’s fave outerwear pieces: leather and a trench.  Can’t you see her slapping the cuffs on a bad guy (or Castle, heh) in this number? Mackage Trinity Leather Trench Coat ($1045).

2) This belted and fitted coat is a modern update on her favored blazer. Very professional and very 2010 – we’ll even go 2011. Elizabeth & James belted wool blend herringbone coat ($595).

3) This strong shouldered moto-sleeve jacket brings a bit of edge to Beckett’s usual biz-cas blazer office-wear and would go nicely with the moto-helmet she totes around the precinct.  From day to evening, as they say, except that Beckett tends to work most evenings. Smythe wool motorcycle blazer ($615).

4) Beckett tends to favor neutrals (minus that horrible red wool mom-jacket she was wearing in one episode).  This leather paneled moto-number is a younger update on her usual tweeds. Theory leather paneled wool jacket ($725).

5) This light color might not be the most practical. One stray blood spatter and it’s probably dunzo, but it’s so lovely and versatile. It would dress up jeans or pair nicely with those work pants Beckett likes to wear (and that’s another post all together).  Derek Lam wool cashmere bomber ($1490).

6) This sleek and sexy (yet flexible enough for catching perps) jacket might be a bit ambitious, especially on a cop salary. But I’m imagining that Castle’s diva actress mom Martha picked it out for Beckett and Castle’s Amex Black covered the hefty tab. Rick Owens Sparta leather and angora blend jacket ($3310).

7) This elegant and simple winter trench would keep Beckett warm for those New York winters, but still flatter with the nipped in belted waist. Just saw the price – Castle may have paid for this one, too. Reed Krakoff cashmere-felt trench coat ($4490).


4 thoughts on “Outerwear Upgrade for Castle’s Kate Beckett

  1. I too am glad that Beckett is gradually moving out of the L&O SVU Benson fashion mold. It’s nice to see her at least softening up above the neck but you’re right her wardrobe is in dire need of help. I was impressed in this week’s episode that they put her in something lacy!

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