To Bell or Not to Bell

Not sure if you’ve heard but bell-bottoms are back. Apparently, they’ve been threatening to come back for a few years now (and never left for some), although girls – especially here in New York – are very attached to their skinny jeans.  I used to live in my bells and boot-cuts, namely during the early aughts (oh and the college years, let’s not forget about those), but then totally purged the closet of anything not completely cutting off ankle circulation.

But on Sunday, upon the realization that my two favorite Uniqlo skinnies were in desperate need of laundering, I decided to dust off a pair of J Brand Doll high-waisted bell bottoms to wear out to brunch.  Henry bought me those for my birthday during the last supposed coming of bell bottoms (circa early 2008) and before I realized that there is absolutely zero need to spend more than $39.90 on a pair of non-Uniqlo jeans.  I have to say, wearing the bells felt quite liberating, but I did feel a bit wistful every time I saw a pair of skinnies stroll by.  Conflicted, I decided to make a pros and cons list.

Team Skinny Jeans

Pros: Easy to tuck into boots; are ideal for a rainy day to avoid the completely soaked lower half look; are the perfect cut to show off footwear; look great with slouchy tops; and are completely sanitary for New York City streets (i.e., the fabric never grazes the ground).

Cons: Not the most forgiving; can be extremely binding (but then we’d recommend the more comfortable Uniqlo jeggings); and of course, boys who wear skinny jeans, but really shouldn’t.

Team Bell Bottoms

Pros: Are more forgiving – if not more flattering; allow for much more breathing room; and give an allusion of height (or that could have been the five-inch platforms I wore since those Dolls are so freakin’ long).

Cons: Make me feel like it’s 2002; let’s face it, five-inch platforms to brunch wasn’t the most comfortable five-block walk ever (I suppose I could have had them hemmed to a shorter length); and are totally unsanitary. That’s why I wore the heels.  I can’t have parts of my clothing actually making contact with the streets of New York City. Blech. Plus, when it rains, then I’m stuck with wet denim that never dries.

So looks like I’m still leaning towards the skinnies, but there’s no reason I can’t have both, I suppose. Especially when Uniqlo comes out with the $39.90 bell bottoms.


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