Uniqlo Jeans Better Than Ever

Since we’re on the subject of jeans. Those J Brands below were the last premium denim that I’ve purchased because since 2008, it’s been all Uniqlo, all the time.  And why wouldn’t it be? Uniqlo churns out new cuts and styles every ten minutes, the jeans fit perfectly and they never cost more than $39.90 (plus tax, now, of course).  My only issue was that the darker washes tended to fade over time – like how my black jeans are now blue.  Also, after an unfortunate laundry incident that turned my white wife beaters a lighter shade of grey, I started performing the very opposite-of-green task of washing the darker jeans by themselves to protect the safety of my other garments.

But lo and behold! It’s like the Uniqlo powers that be heard my concerns and now have made the near perfect, non-fading jean.  Never has excellence been so budget friendly and I can save $2.00 when doing my laundry.


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