Luther’s Supremely Awesome Munch Shout-Out

After my early Lanvin x H&M Saturday morning, I was hoping that the remainder of my weekend would be reserved for near-catatonic TV watching.  But alas, I was thwarted yet again by evil Time Warner as my 800th cable box imploded and took a week’s worth of quality TV programming with it. (And yes, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills counts).  The worst, even worse than the loss of the over-hyped-Gwyneth Glee (although watching that in streaming video REALLY sucked), was that episode five of Luther was gone-zo.

The DVR disaster forced Henry and me to watch said installment of Luther via excruciatingly choppy streaming YouTube video.  I love British detective mysteries and this series is definitely one of my favorites.  But what I loved, loved in this episode was the blink and you missed it shout-out to Detective John Munch, originally of Homicide (great, great show) and now shamefully underused in Law & Order: SVU (or I think he is because I stopped watching that show a couple years ago).  The Munch character has popped up on eight different shows spanning four networks including, The Wire which, of course, also starred Luther‘s Idris Elba as the riveting Stringer Bell.  So does that mean Luther creator Neil Cross is as big of a Wire obsessive as we are?


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