Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: Recipient #2 Kate Beckett

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and today I’m gifting recipient number two: Gorgeous and talented, but fashion-challenged NYPD detective Kate Beckett from Castle.

1:  The Grand Street-themed interior décor style by I Heart Design by Avenue, price upon request. We’re not sure about Beckett’s apartment situation following that pesky apartment bombing debacle in the two-parter “Tick, Tick, Tick…Boom” cliffhanger at the end of season two.  It seems like she’s moved into new digs, but I’m assuming she still needs some decorating help.  So who better to look to than the talented services of I Heart Design by Avenue, an LA-based interior design outfit co-owned by former Design Star alum Casey Noble (and in full disclosure my good friend’s sister-in-law).  Notice Charles and Ray Eames riding a motorcycle—Beckett’s preferred mode of transportation.

2: Limited edition twist dress from TopShop, $340.  Remember how hot Beckett looked in a red dress that one episode? You know, one of the few times they let her dress up.  This sexy red frock will be perfect for a holiday party or a date with her hunky doctor friend.  Plus, the one-shouldered style is great for showing off her toned arms earned from all those kick-boxing sessions.

3: Yigal Azrouël paper leather blazer in grey from Forward by Revolve, $1,562.  I’ve already addressed the issue of Beckett’s unflattering outerwear, so now it’s time to talk blazers.  I know she has to go business casual and look authoritative, but, again, that doesn’t mean she has to look like she’s wearing rejects from the pre-“just Loft” Ann Taylor Loft era.  Beckett has an affinity for leather, too, so how about killing two birds with one stone with this slouchy, tough-girl leather blazer.

4: Biker bar trunk bag/cooler set from Sears, $80.60.  Speaking of motorcycles and dates with hot doctors, check out this motorcycle-trunk bag-cooler-in-one.  This super functional black studded leather-esque set includes an insulated cooler, two flasks and two shot glasses and is perfect for a romantic ride à deux.  Just don’t drink and ride, but Beckett is a pretty by the book type of girl, so we’re not too worried.


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