The New It-Sandwich

I don’t normally blog about food. I mean, I love me some food and wine and checking out new places in New York (especially downtown), but beyond “oh, that’s good”, food critiquing isn’t really my forté.  But, as a fashion blogger, spotting trends is part of my resumé.  So, when I did a double take at this lime green Cevap Truck the other day, I thought I might be onto something. Like I predicted earlier that Macarons are the new Cupcake, Cévapi is the next Banh Mi.

I had the pleasure of sampling my first cevapi (pronounced “cheh-VA-pi”) sandwich in probably the best place to try it, Belgrade, Serbia, when I was on vacation last year.  Cevapi is Balkan style minced meat in sausage formation and I love it when served on a warm pita with fixins and a sauce of yogurty goodness. (Like I said, describing food, not my forté).  This food truck, parked in my ‘hood, is the third “contemporary”, shall we say, place that I’ve seen serving cevapi. So I’m serious, cevapi—learn it, love it—it’s going to be huge.

UPDATE: Henry bought me one for dinner!! Yippee!!!


2 thoughts on “The New It-Sandwich

  1. Cevapi…love it! Can’t believe all you have to do is walk out the door and have some. And you say it’s the next banh mi, eh? Big words, lady, but I think I’d have to agree with you.

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