This Singer Makes a Poncho Look Sexy

Eleanore Everdell of The Hundred in the Hands mixes fashion and function

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved bands fronted by female lead singers that rock out talent and style wise—Blondie, Heart..or all girls like The Go Gos and The Bangles.  These days its Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Sounds and Metric, to name a few.  Last night, I went to see The Hundred in the Hands (by the way, totally loving the Studio at Webster Hall, despite the frigid indoor temps) and my friend Ben and I were totally admiring lead singer Eleanore Everdell’s stage ensemble.  Although for different reasons, I’m sure.

Rockin’ out sans poncho

The possibly over-emoting singer—who was like Amy Adams-meets-Jane Birkin-meets Hayley from Paramore—smartly layered for the unseasonably cold evening.  She started off with a cream hooded poncho number, which she peeled off a few songs in, to reveal a French-ified navy striped long sleeve tee and black short-shorts.  Loved it! I was always on the fence about ponchos, but this might have pushed me over the edge.


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