Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: Recipient #4 Bobby Cobb

Blame the excess of holiday shopping (and therefore, writing), but I’ve fallen a bit behind on my TV-themed gift guides.  So before I miss the holidays all together, here is today’s recipient, Bobby Cobb. The lovably clueless Cougar Town golf instructor and ex-husband to Courtney Cox’s Jules is my husband Henry’s favorite character on TV.  So here’s to you, hubby.

1: Hercules chrome golf cart wheel covers from Rainbow Custom Cars, $14.99 each.  Bobby’s main, well only, mode of transportation is his trusty golf cart, so why not give his wheels a little flair with blinged-out custom hubcaps.  Added bonus: these rims will help differentiate Bobby’s wheels from the campus ‘po’s, too.

2: Airborne effervescent health formula in zesty orange, triple pack from Amazon.com, $16.50.  We all know that Bobby isn’t the most deft with the much-lauded Nedi Pot.  Even though Bobby finally conquered the “college death pot” after landing in the hospital after his initial encounter, it probably would be best to try and practice cold prevention all together.  A hefty supply of Airborne can’t hurt.

3: Rosetta Stone basic British English level 1-3 DVD set from Amazon.com, $479.  Bobby’s feelings were hurt after Jules broke it to him that people had a hard time understand what he was saying. (“Razzle dazzle!”) With this Brit-English instruction compilation, Bobby will soon be speaking like he walked right off the set of Brideshead Revisited (original and the remake).  Of course, then Henry, who needs subtitles to watch MI-5 and The Red Riding Trilogy (Ok, fine, I needed them, too) might have trouble understanding the new Bobby Cobb.


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