The Wire Redux on The Good Wife

Nick Sobotka: From the docks to the board room

This week’s episode of The Good Wife is titled “Ham Sandwich”, but I like to think of it was The Wire Reunion Part Deux. Part one would be the episode last year when we were introduced to a born-again Chris Partlow (Gbenga Akinnagbe) as Pastor Isiah Easton and Police Commissioner Ervin Burrell (Frankie Faison) popped-up to play Isiah’s dad. Plus, last season, corrupt longshoreman Frank Sobotka (Chris Bauer) appeared on the (semi) right side of the law as a corporate lawyer and Bodie (J.D. Williams) continued on the same career path under employ of yet another drug kingpin, but in a different zip code.

Speaking of Sobotkas, we received the memo that Nick Sobotka (Pablo Schreiber—currently on Lights Out and also Liev Schreiber’s half-brother, what?) would make an appearance on “Ham Sandwich” as a lawyer opposing Lockhardt Gardner, but as the episode rolled on, it just got better and better. Chris Partlow, I mean Pastor Isiah, finally materialized after what seemed like a long absence. And hello, does Chris Partlow clean up well—Pastor Isiah was looking extremely dapper in his perfectly tailored Italian suit and super-natty wool coat.

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Absolutely Fab-Five-ulous

To sum it up: I have zero interest in sports. I admit that I’ve attended a baseball game for micro-brew beer and gourmet pulled pork sandwiches (yes, the yuppie-fied Citi Field experience) or feigned understanding of football just to socialize with friends, eat junky food and drink bad beer at Superbowl gatherings, but other than that, I really don’t care. So understandably, I was skeptical when Henry started watching the Fab 5 documentary that recently aired on ESPN (shudder).

Now, Henry DVRs everything and it sometimes takes him days just to finish a one hour show. This past week, I’ve walked in a couple times as he was viewing segments of the much-discussed (for sports reasons, obvi) doc and I have to admit, I was sucked in every time. But not because of the sports. I had no idea that the five college players were major sartorial gamechangers on and off court—from forgoing the then-preferred short-shorts for long, slouchy styles (which I thank you, thank you) to assembling the then-revolutionary and now-standard black footwear and sock combination. It was sort of enlightening to realize that my preferred monochromatic pairing of black socks with black Nikes can be traced back to the trendsetting quintet. Henry hasn’t finished the documentary yet, but I think I might just watch the remainder with him to learn more about the Fab 5’s statement-making influence in fashion. Oh and learn about basketball in the process, I suppose.

How Time Flies…

Oh wow. Have I been remiss in updating my blog or what? How very embarrassing. I suppose I haven’t been feeling super inspired as of late and I also realized that I need to narrow down the subject matter of F Like Frank. So after much debate, I decided that going forward, I will concentrate on my first love: TV. That doesn’t mean I can’t write about fashion that relates to TV, of course. And for other fashion and shopping updates, you can always see me on Racked NY and Racked National. Stay tuned, as they say.