Absolutely Fab-Five-ulous

To sum it up: I have zero interest in sports. I admit that I’ve attended a baseball game for micro-brew beer and gourmet pulled pork sandwiches (yes, the yuppie-fied Citi Field experience) or feigned understanding of football just to socialize with friends, eat junky food and drink bad beer at Superbowl gatherings, but other than that, I really don’t care. So understandably, I was skeptical when Henry started watching the Fab 5 documentary that recently aired on ESPN (shudder).

Now, Henry DVRs everything and it sometimes takes him days just to finish a one hour show. This past week, I’ve walked in a couple times as he was viewing segments of the much-discussed (for sports reasons, obvi) doc and I have to admit, I was sucked in every time. But not because of the sports. I had no idea that the five college players were major sartorial gamechangers on and off court—from forgoing the then-preferred short-shorts for long, slouchy styles (which I thank you, thank you) to assembling the then-revolutionary and now-standard black footwear and sock combination. It was sort of enlightening to realize that my preferred monochromatic pairing of black socks with black Nikes can be traced back to the trendsetting quintet. Henry hasn’t finished the documentary yet, but I think I might just watch the remainder with him to learn more about the Fab 5’s statement-making influence in fashion. Oh and learn about basketball in the process, I suppose.


One thought on “Absolutely Fab-Five-ulous

  1. I saw the documentary last week and it was interesting, especially being there at U of M when the Fab 5 were…I mean, I know it’s HARD TO BELIEVE I was in college then (since I look soooo much younger – ha)! It took me back to a different time in my life.
    I did, however, re-watch and it made me think about them in completely different way after your email discussing how they were sartorial gamechangers!! Leave it to you, Fawnia 🙂 Well, actually, Marc too because he also said, “they started that whole baggy shorts and black socks trend?” So leave it to both you AND Marc!
    But watch the rest with Henry and both you AND he will be happy you did…

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