The Wire Redux on The Good Wife

Nick Sobotka: From the docks to the board room

This week’s episode of The Good Wife is titled “Ham Sandwich”, but I like to think of it was The Wire Reunion Part Deux. Part one would be the episode last year when we were introduced to a born-again Chris Partlow (Gbenga Akinnagbe) as Pastor Isiah Easton and Police Commissioner Ervin Burrell (Frankie Faison) popped-up to play Isiah’s dad. Plus, last season, corrupt longshoreman Frank Sobotka (Chris Bauer) appeared on the (semi) right side of the law as a corporate lawyer and Bodie (J.D. Williams) continued on the same career path under employ of yet another drug kingpin, but in a different zip code.

Speaking of Sobotkas, we received the memo that Nick Sobotka (Pablo Schreiber—currently on Lights Out and also Liev Schreiber’s half-brother, what?) would make an appearance on “Ham Sandwich” as a lawyer opposing Lockhardt Gardner, but as the episode rolled on, it just got better and better. Chris Partlow, I mean Pastor Isiah, finally materialized after what seemed like a long absence. And hello, does Chris Partlow clean up well—Pastor Isiah was looking extremely dapper in his perfectly tailored Italian suit and super-natty wool coat.

They say three makes a trend, so the third spotting appeared in the return of Bodie, but this time as Lamond Bishop’s fast-talking accountant Dexter Roja (a promotion from his last role on the show as “cashier”). Dexter’s engaging banter with opposing council under questioning was hilariously reminiscent of the time he managed to avoid jail by calling the police out on entrapment (or as he called it, “contrapment”). And it was nice to see him upgrading to a business casual wardrobe.

Since The Good Wife producers seem to be such great fans and supporters of The Wire, I’d like to make a few casting suggestions. Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) would make a more-than-worthy political opponent to Chris Noth’s Peter Florrick. (OK, fine, disclosure: I’d just like to see Idris Elba anywhere, really, and that would be like two out of my “freebie” list (see: Friends) on one show.) McNulty would be fabulously typecast as a heavy-drinking lothario police detective who would become Kalinda’s ally. Plus, Bunny Colvin definitely has the gravitas to don a robe as a presiding judge. Or how about borrowing Wallace from Parenthood to join the State’s Attorney’s office as a newbie ADA and competitor to Cary Agos (who will forever be Gilmore Girls’ Logan Huntzberger in my book, but anyway, that’s another post)? I could go on.


One thought on “The Wire Redux on The Good Wife

  1. I’ll go on for you…characters from the Wire are popping up all over the place – as they SHOULD!! Lt. Daniels on Lost and currently on Fringe (and I might add that he wore a baseball cap on the show which Art Camara thought was just wrong…to paraphrase, “you can’t put Lt. Daniels in a baseball cap! He’s too smooth for a baseball cap!”). Bubbles…yes BUBBLES, is also on Fringe. He cleans up nicely. Omar on Boardwalk Empire. Bunk AND Lester on Treme. The list goes on and on…

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