Idina Menzel Returning to Glee

While Gleeks are still reeling over news of the impending departure of Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn) and Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer (Kurt)—the heart of the show, really—the latest news is that Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran) will be returning for a a few episodes in season three. Last we saw of Shelby, she left things unresolved with biological daughter Rachel and took off for show choir retirement after adopting Quinn and Puck’s just-born daughter, Beth.

Since the nefariously hilarious Cheyenne Jackson (Dustin Goolsby) is heading up nemesis team Vocal Adrenaline, we’re wondering just how Shelby will return to Lima after her brief sabbatical. We’re hoping for more killer Broadway duets with Rachel—nothing like a dramatic show tune to work through any mother-daughter issues—and a heated sing-off with Goolsby. We wonder if they aged little Beth soap opera-style to kindergarten status. Speaking of the offspring of McKinley High’s resident bad boy, with the exit of soon-to-be seniors, where does that leave Puck? Not that we mind an extra year of Noah Puckerman and his tight t-shirts and one-liners, but did his stint in juvie result in a year of supersenior-itis?


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