Kelly Bensimon: Better Late Than Never

Viewers of Real  Housewives of New York City all know that Kelly Bensimon is often and proudly “tardy for the party” (yeah, so I watch multiple installments of Housewives). So it was no surprise that Kelly excitedly tweeted the above piece of, um, “news” out last night. Um, Kellz, we’ve all known about the Target x Missoni collab since MAY.


Surprise Resemblances: JWOWW and Nina Dobrev

A refreshed JWOWW on left and Nina Dobrev of the Vampire Diaries on the right

Speaking of high brow TV (eh hem), I also took this weekend to catch up on the season premiere of the Jersey Shore and the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. I actually took the Jersey Shore off my DVR last season because I was totally over the Ronnie-Sammi dramz, but this whole Florence-setting has sucked me back in.

Anyway. So as people grow fame-wise, they tend to shrink frame-wise and, wow, JWOWW. Seriously, what happened? I hope she enjoyed some pasta carb-loading during her Firenze sojourn because she’s looking rather thin. But with the more chiseled face and mono-toned hair—it hit me the other day. JWOWW kind of looks like a bustier, more intimidating and less, shall we say, refined version of Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries. See what I’m saying?

Shop New York City Like a Reality Television Star


As my DVR will tell you, I love me some reality television and love me some shopping even more (or possibly the other way around?), so I clearly it was time to bring them both together with a reality tv show-based shopping map of New York City for Racked. Oh and remember on Real Housewives of New York City this season when Countess LuAnn brought her daughter Victoria to that really skankorama looking party dress shop to find a sweet sixteen dress? And you were probably like, gawd, where on earth is that awful store? It’s actually in NEW JERSEY.

Click here for the map of fifteen stores in full glory.

Gossip Girl: Real Estate Indicator?

Alison Humphrey must have gotten a jump on that Hudson real estate.

The Metropolitan section of the Sunday New York Times explores this phenomenon called the “Brooklynization of the Hudson Valley” (or as Gothamist more alarmingly/amusingly puts it, “Brooklyn Hipster Virus Spreads to Hudson Valley”). Basically, all the artsy-hipster folks either who can’t afford the city/want more rustic open-space/aim to explore their art, blah blah. are decamping for the quieter back-roads of the historic region of the state. Can’t blame them, really. It’s is beautiful up there, plus there are tons of wineries (go with the whites and ices) and the Dia: Beacon.

But my point here isn’t to make fun of hipsters or the Times. Remember in Season One of Gossip Girl—in 2007 (like FOUR years ago)—when Brooklyn-dwelling Dan and Jenny Humphey’s arty-vintage shopping mom/estranged wife to Rufus was living in Hudson? That Josh Schwartz. Finger—right on the pulse.