Vacation Dispatch: Bangkok’s Best Kept Indie Shopping Secret (Air-Con Included!)

Artist ColorS Bangkok Art and Culture CentreWow, it’s been awhile, huh? I figured I should start this puppy up again and not stress myself out about it so much. So going forward, I’m just going to write about interesting things that I think are worthwhile to share. So I’ll start with a serious nugget of shopping information that the hubs and I stumbled upon while we were vacationing in Southeast Asia in May.

This was probably one of the best vacations EVER. Our itinerary: Bangkok — Siem Reap, Cambodia (which I need to write about later because I miss it so much!) — Phnom Penh, Cambodia — Koh Samui, Thailand — Bangkok again — Hong Kong.

On our last stop into Bangkok, we tried to partake in last minute gift (and for-myself) shopping and it was an utter fail for most of the day. We attempted the tourist-heavy, cheap tchotchke-filled MBK, but it was overwhelming and not what we’re interested in, so we pretty much gave up. But we weren’t about to forgo air-conditioning (and we resigned to take in some culture), so we walked along a thankfully-covered skywalk right into the Guggenheim-esque Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. We entered and both exclaimed at the same time, “OH MY GOD, I SEE STORES.”

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Kelly Bensimon: Better Late Than Never

Viewers of Real  Housewives of New York City all know that Kelly Bensimon is often and proudly “tardy for the party” (yeah, so I watch multiple installments of Housewives). So it was no surprise that Kelly excitedly tweeted the above piece of, um, “news” out last night. Um, Kellz, we’ve all known about the Target x Missoni collab since MAY.

Shop New York City Like a Reality Television Star


As my DVR will tell you, I love me some reality television and love me some shopping even more (or possibly the other way around?), so I clearly it was time to bring them both together with a reality tv show-based shopping map of New York City for Racked. Oh and remember on Real Housewives of New York City this season when Countess LuAnn brought her daughter Victoria to that really skankorama looking party dress shop to find a sweet sixteen dress? And you were probably like, gawd, where on earth is that awful store? It’s actually in NEW JERSEY.

Click here for the map of fifteen stores in full glory.

Pretty Little Liars: Somber Style

A funeral isn’t exactly the best place for a girl to showcase her sense of style—especially when it’s her best friend’s alleged killer who recently expired. But leave it to Aria (Luch Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) to somehow channel their own sartorial preferences in a pre-fab 90s girl band sort of way at Ian’s supremely awkward funeral.

Even if her hair isn’t streaked in neon pink, Aria still works her punk-tinged style with a mini-pouf dress layered under a breezily tied wrap-sweater. Her hair in a messy updo just adds to her heroine in distress look to further torment Ezra…er, Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding), while attracting a borderline flirt session with a sketchy Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker). Sporty Emily keeps it conservative with a button-front cardie over a simple high-neck tunic dress—although, the body-con fit does show off her swimming-toned physique. Spencer—in a bit of a metaphorical self statement—combines a country club-ready A-line-skirted frock with a bad girl mesh shrug. And Hanna, oh, Hanna. While at her larcenous mom’s request, she left the hot pink, body-hugging Hervé Leger number at home, the appropriateness of her final choice remains questionable. But props for bringing the drams with her revealing, draped-front cocktail dress and Kate Middleton-worthy veiled chapeau.

Here are a few ways of channeling cemetery chic, like the lying foursome, but hopefully for a more festive occasion.

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Good Wife Sighting

I walking up Madison Avenue toward 67th Street yesterday and I came across a fairly common sighting on the streets of New York City: A television shoot. My first thought was, “Wow, this is a really nice craft services table”—fancy yogurts, croissants and a fresh fruit bowl that even included a mango. Second thought, “Who’s shooting?!” A look at the permit sign revealed that was my current obsession The Good Wife.

It looked like they were prepping for an indoor shoot and the craft services and trucks were set up right outside of the Jimmy Choo boutique (with perhaps our Madison Avenue standing in for Chicago’s tony Oak Street?). Wonder what scene that could be…Will we find out where Kalinda buys her sexy, sexy footwear? Is Peter buying a make-up gift for Alicia? Hm….with her top-notch wardrobe, Diane definitely owns a pair of Choos or two. Guess only time will tell and I’ll be keeping an eye out.

My Fave Vintage Store: Held Over

Now picture Henry and Dad double parked across Haight Street...

Happy New Year!  Ooh, my bad.  My last post was clearly during the holidays and I’ve been a bit delayed in posting since.  Well, this a good segue into mentioning my holiday vacation to the Bay Area.  Along with biking along the coast in Monterey, getting blotto while wine tasting in the Carmel Valley and eating way too much in San Francisco, I managed to find the time to make a quick stop into my favorite vintage store, Held Over, in the legendary Haight-Ashbury.  (Actually it was more like Henry dropping Dad and me off while he double parked across the street.  Dad walked in and immediately back out again to the car giving me just enough time to peruse the racks, try on the items and purchase.)

Aside from the fabulously reasonable prices and impressive stock, what I love, love about the store is that everything in there is merchandised and categorized by campy and detailed image-invoking genres, like “70’s/80’s Sexy Secretary” and “Euro Boobie Tanks“.  I mean, those labels pretty much sum it all up right there.  That also means none of that rifling through a mass of moth-ball scented and odd-hued frocks to unearth an odd gem here and there.  This place is optimum for efficient vintage shopping.

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Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: Recipient #4 Bobby Cobb

Blame the excess of holiday shopping (and therefore, writing), but I’ve fallen a bit behind on my TV-themed gift guides.  So before I miss the holidays all together, here is today’s recipient, Bobby Cobb. The lovably clueless Cougar Town golf instructor and ex-husband to Courtney Cox’s Jules is my husband Henry’s favorite character on TV.  So here’s to you, hubby.

1: Hercules chrome golf cart wheel covers from Rainbow Custom Cars, $14.99 each.  Bobby’s main, well only, mode of transportation is his trusty golf cart, so why not give his wheels a little flair with blinged-out custom hubcaps.  Added bonus: these rims will help differentiate Bobby’s wheels from the campus ‘po’s, too.

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