Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: Recipient #4 Bobby Cobb

Blame the excess of holiday shopping (and therefore, writing), but I’ve fallen a bit behind on my TV-themed gift guides.  So before I miss the holidays all together, here is today’s recipient, Bobby Cobb. The lovably clueless Cougar Town golf instructor and ex-husband to Courtney Cox’s Jules is my husband Henry’s favorite character on TV.  So here’s to you, hubby.

1: Hercules chrome golf cart wheel covers from Rainbow Custom Cars, $14.99 each.  Bobby’s main, well only, mode of transportation is his trusty golf cart, so why not give his wheels a little flair with blinged-out custom hubcaps.  Added bonus: these rims will help differentiate Bobby’s wheels from the campus ‘po’s, too.

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Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: #3 Sarah Braverman

Today, the gift recipient is Parenthood’s flawed, yet irresistible single mom Sarah Braverman, played by one of my favorite actors ever, Lauren Graham.

1: Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps from Bergdorf Goodman, $725.  Since Sarah is always looking to her corporate attorney younger sister Julia (and her closet) for office-appropriate wardrobe assistance, it’s about time that Sarah got a pair of nice shoes of her own.  She seemed so sad to part with the red-soled pumps she borrowed for that trade show where she had her first kiss with Gordon (who I like to think of as “Jack Donaghy” light).  Her Loubies will have to pull double-duty, so it’s better to stick with the traditional peep-toe style that will work great with an LBD for a date (since she’s back on the market) or on job interviews (as the whole work status is iffy now post-shoe company-sale).

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Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: Recipient #2 Kate Beckett

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and today I’m gifting recipient number two: Gorgeous and talented, but fashion-challenged NYPD detective Kate Beckett from Castle.

1:  The Grand Street-themed interior décor style by I Heart Design by Avenue, price upon request. We’re not sure about Beckett’s apartment situation following that pesky apartment bombing debacle in the two-parter “Tick, Tick, Tick…Boom” cliffhanger at the end of season two.  It seems like she’s moved into new digs, but I’m assuming she still needs some decorating help.  So who better to look to than the talented services of I Heart Design by Avenue, an LA-based interior design outfit co-owned by former Design Star alum Casey Noble (and in full disclosure my good friend’s sister-in-law).  Notice Charles and Ray Eames riding a motorcycle—Beckett’s preferred mode of transportation.

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Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide: Recipient #1 Puck

Tis the season for holiday cheer, lots of parties, plus a profusion of gift guides – like what to buy the man, lady, child, dog, whatever in your life.  Well, I have all my loved ones taken care of already and due to the end of year sample sale glut (and Henry’s latest penchant for TravelZoo spa deal gifts), I really can’t think of anything else for my holiday wish list.

But then I had a moment of inspiration. I mean, I love TV and I enjoy looking at pretty things online, so why not dream up imaginary gift lists for my favorite TV characters. It’s fun and at the end of the day, it won’t cost me any more than my cable bill.  So here goes with the inaugural Hypothetical Holiday Gift Guide post dedicated to my second favorite Glee member (first goes to you, Mike “No Longer Just Other Asian” Chang): Noah “Puck” Puckerman.  Please note that these are, of course, Chanukah gifts.

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