How Time Flies…

Oh wow. Have I been remiss in updating my blog or what? How very embarrassing. I suppose I haven’t been feeling super inspired as of late and I also realized that I need to narrow down the subject matter of F Like Frank. So after much debate, I decided that going forward, I will concentrate on my first love: TV. That doesn’t mean I can’t write about fashion that relates to TV, of course. And for other fashion and shopping updates, you can always see me on Racked NY and Racked National. Stay tuned, as they say.


Rainy Afternoon Celeb Sighting

This was about an hour ago, but I’m still going to post it. I walked by SNL’s Fred Armisen (remember how he was married to Elizabeth Moss a.k.a. Mad Men’s Peggy for like five minutes?) on a date with his 23-year old girlfriend and castmate Abby Elliot.  They were pretty low-key and giggling over a late lunch at Lanksy’s on Columbus Avenue.


So the much anticipated Rocky Horror-themed Glee episode ran on Tuesday and it was kind of a let down. It’s totally my fault though. I’ve only seen Rocky Horror once on Broadway (side note: Former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach played Riff Raff and he totally killed it. Despite the bloating and apparent alcohol issue, the man can still belt it out), so the songs and characters really didn’t resonate with me.

Which got me thinking – if Glee performed the enduring Broadway classic and legendary movie starring a young and dashing John Travolta and Olivia “Neutron Bomb” Newton-John musical Grease, I would just die of happiness.  Honestly, it’s a freakin’ no-brainer that bad-boy Puck would make the most awesome T-Birds lieutenant Kenickie (but with an updated mohawk instead of the bouffant) and wisecracking mean girl Santana is a total Rizzo.

So I then, I figured I’d just recast the whole lot. To preface my Glee/Grease fantasy casting, yes, I’ve relegated the usual leads Rachel and Finn to secondary (if not third or fourth) players, because one) Rachel (and Finn by association) are starting to annoy the crap out of me, 2) I tend to derive more enjoyment out of seeing the secondary cast shine in the spotlight and 3) Rachel is clearly Patty Simcox.   Continue reading