Getting My Brit-TV Fix Tonight: Zen

With Luther and Downton Abbey in the off-season, I am jonesing for some British tee-vee. So thank goodness Masterpiece Mystery (yeah, yeah, along with Real Housewives and Pretty Little Liars, I love me some snooty Sunday night PBS) is premiering Zen, one of those high-brow BBC-produced detective shows. Granted, the series is about a Venetian detective named Aurelio Zen and is set in Rome—like how Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander is cast with all British actors complete with their British accents, but we’re supposed to accept that they’re Swedes in Sweden. Whatever—disbelief, you are suspended.

The lead actor Rufus Sewell is a respected English actor (for some reason, I get him confused with Charlize Theron’s ex, Stuart Townsend, who is actually Irish, but again, whatever.) and I maybe recognize him from a canceled show Eleventh Hour, or most likely I just know his name because I’m such an Anglophile. Anyway, the New York Times gave it a very literate and positive review and Entertainment Weekly put it on their “Must List“, but I would have watched it regardless. Don’t be calling me at 9pm tonight. I’ll be busy.