Surprise Resemblances: JWOWW and Nina Dobrev

A refreshed JWOWW on left and Nina Dobrev of the Vampire Diaries on the right

Speaking of high brow TV (eh hem), I also took this weekend to catch up on the season premiere of the Jersey Shore and the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. I actually took the Jersey Shore off my DVR last season because I was totally over the Ronnie-Sammi dramz, but this whole Florence-setting has sucked me back in.

Anyway. So as people grow fame-wise, they tend to shrink frame-wise and, wow, JWOWW. Seriously, what happened? I hope she enjoyed some pasta carb-loading during her Firenze sojourn because she’s looking rather thin. But with the more chiseled face and mono-toned hair—it hit me the other day. JWOWW kind of looks like a bustier, more intimidating and less, shall we say, refined version of Nina Dobrev from the Vampire Diaries. See what I’m saying?